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The Anne (or Marie-Anne) Comeau who married Charles-Antoine Payan dit Saint-Onge was a daughter of Jean Comeau and Brigitte Savoie and consequently a granddaughter of Abraham Comeau and Marguerite Pitre. Marie-Anne and Charles-Antoine were married Sept. 16, 1771, at Yamachiche, after having their marriage contract made out the day before by the notary Benoît Leroy.

Abraham Comeau and Marguerite Pitre did have a daughter named Anne as well, and this Anne was married twice, and only twice, as the DGFA-1 shows (p. 383). We know that she was only married twice because her widower remarried, Feb. 3, 1766, at Port-au-Prince. Guillaume Giraud's second wife was another Acadian, Madeleine Porlier, who, like Anne Comeau, had been married once before. The big difference between his two wives was their ages. Madeleine was about eight years younger than Guillaume (if his age in his burial record is accurate), while Anne Comeau had been about twenty-two years his senior. Incidentally, after Guillaume Giraud's death, Madeleine Porlier was married a third time. Insofar as I know, she had no surviving children by either of her first two husbands, but by her third, Michel Rouval, she had two sons who immigrated to New Orleans from Santo Domingo in 1809. Both of these two Rouval boys were married, to women of Acadian descent, and both had children, so it could be that Madeleine Porlier has living descendants to this day. As for Guillaume Giraud's first wife, Anne Comeau, she had at least ten children by her first husband, Pierre à Michel Vincent, and she has lots of descendants in both Québec and Louisiana.

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