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                          Charles LeBlanc and Apolline Cormier...

Here is enough additional ancestry to allow you or your correspondent to go further in the DGFA:
1st generation: Charles LeBlanc, son of Georges-Robert LeBlanc and Marie Doucet, married Apolline Cormier, daughter of François Cormier and Anne Haché, about 1804.

2nd generation: Georges-Robert LeBlanc, son of Joseph LeBlanc and Marie-Josèphe Bourg, married Marie Doucet, daughter of Charles Doucet and Jeanne Boudrot, about 1778.

François Cormier, son of François Cormier and Anne Chiasson, married Anne Haché, daughter of Jacques Haché and Marie-Josèphe Boudrot, about 1773.

3rd generation: For Joseph LeBlanc and Marie-Josèphe Bourg, see DGFA, pp. 999 and 248.

Charles Doucet, son of François Doucet and Marie Carret, married Jeanne Boudrot, daughter of François Boudrot and Jeanne Landry, about 1747. For information going further back, see DGFA, pp. 532, 319, 194, and 923.

François Cormier, son of Pierre Cormier and Catherine LeBlanc (DGFA, p. 407), married Anne Chiasson, daughter of Jacques Chiasson and Marie-Josèphe Arseneau, July 2, 1742, at Beaubassin. See DGFA, pp. 352 and 27, for more on the Chiassons and Arseneaus.

For Jacques Haché, see DGFA, p. 792. His wife, Marie-Josèphe Boudrot was a sister of Charles Doucet's wife Jeanne Boudrot, above. That relationship made Charles LeBlanc and Apolline Cormier second cousins.

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