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                          ...two François Cormier and two Marguerite Landry

Regarding the Cormiers, I think the situation will become clear to you if you look at the bottom of page 111 before going back to page 114. In the early years of the nineteenth century, there were two François Cormiers at Memramcook who were married to Marguerite Landrys. It was quite a job to get the two families sorted out. Where the children of these two couples appear as the spouses of the offspring of other families, it would be inadequate to show their parents parenthetically as simply "François & Marguerite Landry," because then the reader would not know which of the two couples was meant and would certainly become confused if he or she landed in the "wrong" family and failed to find the person he or she expected to find there. To obviate this, I identified the two François's, where they appear parenthetically, as "François à Amand" and "François à François." So, rather than "François à Amand & Marguerite Landry," one should read "François à Amand & Marguerite Landry." For an example showing a reference to the other family, you might turn to page 153, where the wife of Urbain LeBlanc (2. vi.) is identified as "Marie CORMIER (François à François & Marguerite Landry)." Incidentally, the two François Cormiers were first cousins, but their wives were not nearly related.

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