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Osite à François Landry was unmarried and living with her parents in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1757 and 1760 (DGFA-1, p. 942) and Osite à Paul Landry married first Pierre Chiasson and secondly, Nov. 2, 1794, at St-Jacques de Cabahannocer, François Hébert, the record of this second marriage specifically stating that Paul Landry and Marie Hébert were her parents (Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records, Vol. II, p. 419). So these two Osite Landrys can be definitively shown not to have been the same one who successively became Madame Broussard and Madame Castille. Indeed, it is really very unlikely that the Osite Landry who married Joseph Broussard and Joseph Castille came from Grand-Pré, at all. Rather, she was almost certainly from Pisiguit. The first problem that then arises in trying to identify her is of course the fact that that the Pisiguit registers were all lost at the time of the Deportation. The next complication comes from the fact that there once were quite a lot of Landry families in the two parishes there, and it has been impossible to tell which one of at least fourteen of them it was to which she belonged. There seem to be no specific clues to her parents' identity. A suggestion regarding the branch of the Landry family to which Osite might have belonged comes, however, from those records concerning the Castilles in which various members of the family of Claude Martin and Marie Babin show up. This Marie Babin's mother was Marie Landry, who was in turn a daughter of Germain Landry and Marie Melanson (DGFA-1, pp. 930-932). Unfortunately, even if we suppose that Marie Babin and Osite Landry were first cousins, we still cannot narrow down the field very much, because Germain Landry and Marie Melanson had six married sons, of whom at least four lived at Pisiguit. But which one of these was Osite's father? I can see no way to tell. If you want to do so, you might put Osite down as probably having been a granddaughter of Germain Landry and Marie Melanson, but that is about as far as we can venture for now.

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