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Some while ago you sent me a query regarding Amos Poirier, son of Pierre Poirier and Anne LeBlanc, of "Arichat." This "Amos" Poirier was in point of fact baptized at Arichat, but about five years after his birth the parish was divided, and the area in which his parents lived became part of the parish of West Arichat. This area was, and still is, called Martinique. "Amos" was born there on May 13, 1858. He was baptized four days later, and was given the name Aimé-Marin Poirier.

Pierre Poirier and Anne LeBlanc were married by about 1855. Insofar as I know, no record of their marriage has survived. Given that there is a gap in the Arichat parish registers between Jan. 26, 1852 and the end of 1853, it is quite possible that Pierre and Anne were actually married there sometime during that interval. Be that as it may, it is possible to identify Pierre and Anne by looking at the godparents they chose for some of their children. Aimé-Marin, for example, had Laurent Deveau and Élisabeth Poirier as his godparents. His elder brother, Pierre Poirier, who was baptized at D'Escousse in 1856, had Marin Poirier and Marine LeBlanc as his. Élisabeth Poirier and Marin Poirier were children of Valentin Poirier and Madeleine Rançon. Élisabeth was born in 1839 and Marin in 1841. One may thus conclude that Pierre Poirier was also Valentin and Madeleine's son. (This supposition is actually confirmed as fact by the civil record of Pierre's second marriage, Jan. 15, 1866, at West Arichat, to Marie-Julie Benoit, daughter of Pierre Benoit and Susanne Burrell.) There were relatively few Deveaus in Richmond County, so Laurent Deveau is much easier to identify than Marine LeBlanc. He was a son of Joseph Deveau and Véronique Samson. His connection to the LeBlanc family may not be immediately apparent, but the records show that Véronique Samson died, and Joseph Deveau remarried. His second wife was none other than Marine LeBlanc. This Marine must be the same person who served as the godmother of Pierre Poirier fils in 1856, and her stepson Laurent Deveau became Aimé-Marin Poirier's godfather two years later. Joseph Deveau and Marine LeBlanc's marriage record still exists. It shows that Marine was a daughter of Bénoni LeBlanc and Barbe Beauséjour. Obviously, Anne must have been Bénoni and Barbe's daughter, too.

I have been able to reconstruct Aimé-Marin Poirier's lineage as follows:

1. Aimé-Marin Poirier

2. Pierre Poirier
3. Anne LeBlanc
m. about 1853, probably at Arichat.

4. Valentin Poirier
5. Madeleine Rançon
m. about 1825, possibly at D'Escousse.

6. Bénoni LeBlanc
7. Barbe Beauséjour
m. about 1825, probably at Arichat.

8. Charles Poirier
9. Rose McDonald
m. about 1780.

10. Charles Rançon
11. Cécile Biret
m. about 1795.

12. Hyacinthe LeBlanc
13. Émilie Dugas dite Baie-de-la-Ouine
m. about 1784.

14. Eustache dit Paul Beauséjour
15. Marine Fougère
m. about 1795.

16. Charles Poirier
17. Marguerite Vigneau
see DGFA, p. 1337.

18. Thomas McDonald
19. Marie Hill
m. about 1747.

20. & 21. unknown.

22. Pierre Biret
23. Marie-Amable Josse
m. about 1764 (revalidated Rg Bailly [Caraquet] Gabarus Sept. 16, 1771).

24. René LeBlanc
25. Anne Blanchard
see DGFA, p. 1010 (and for Anne's parents, ibid., p. 148).

26. Charles Dugas
27. Félicité Bugeaud
m. about 1763.

28. Paul Godin dit Beauséjour
29. Madeleine Dugas
m. about 1769 (revalidated Rg Bailly [Caraquet] Arichat Aug. 12, 1771).

30. Michel Fougère
31. Apollonie Martel
see DGFA, p. 643 (and for Apollonie's parents, ibid., p. 1348).

32.-35. see above at 16.-17.

36.-43. unknown.

44. Pierre Biret
45. Barbe Moreau
of St-Nicolas parish, Nantes, France.

46. François Josse
47. Marie Langlois
see DGFA, p. 953.

48.-51. see above at 24.-25.

52. Charles Dugas
53. Anne LeBlanc
see DGFA, p. 576.

54. Joseph Bugeaud
55. Marie-Josèphe Landry
see DGFA, p. 301.

56. Joseph Godin dit Beauséjour
57. Marie-Anne Bergeron
see DGFA, p. 747.

58. Joseph Dugas
59. Marguerite Coste
see DGFA, p. 565.

60.-63. see above at 30.-31.

That brings all the lines that can be traced back into the first part of the DGFA.

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