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                          Pierre Cyr and Madeleine Hayot

Pierre Cyr was a son of Jean Cyr and Marguerite Cormier. He was born at Beaubassin on Dec. 28, 1744. And he did marry Madeleine Hayot (now Ayotte), but they were not married until about 1780. Madeleine was baptized at Kamouraska on June 12, 1763. She had been born the preceding day. Her parents were Alexandre Hayot and Marie-Charlotte Saucier. The Hayot family appears in the listing of families on the Saint John River in July 1783. This record shows that they had been there for three years. Three years previously, the two eldest Hayot sisters, Marie-Charlotte and Madeleine, married the Cyr brothers, Paul and Pierre. About two years after this census a third sister, Marie-Josčphe, married a third Cyr brother, Firmin. And when the Loyalists came along the whole crowd lost their land as well as the improvements they had made on it and had to move up the river to Madawaska. Alexandre Hayot eventually became one of the church wardens in St-Basile parish.

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