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                          the British deported Acadians not Indians

The British deported Acadians. They did not deport Indians. They were afraid of the latter, and went to considerable lengths to pacify them. It was with that objective in mind, for example, that they appointed first Father Maillard and then Father Bailly as official missionaries to the Natives of Nova Scotia.

It is true that a fair number of the Acadians who were deported in 1755 did have a little Indian blood. Among those who were in Penryn or Falmouth there was at least one Clémeneau, and, as you probably know, the first Clémenceau in Acadia married one of the half-breed daughters of Jean Roy, so there must have been at least one person there with a little Native ancestry. To say that there were many Indians, however, would certainly be an exaggeration.

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