From the desk of Stephen White....
        Can the percentage of colonists from various regions of France be determined?...

[This question was prompted by a web site that has posted what is purported to be the figures determining the number of colonists who would have left various regions of France to pioneer Acadia.]

You wrote to ask whether we know what percentage of the colonists who came to Acadia originated in the various regions of France. I gather from the way you closed your query with an expression of doubt regarding whether "it has been possible to determine this," that you already at least suspect that the answer here has to be no, the reason being that too many of the origins of our early settlers are unknown for anyone to calculate any worthwhile statistics. And the biggest problem with trying to make any calculations based upon the information that we do have is that most of the people whose origins are known arrived in Acadia during the lattermost period of its development, and thus they are proportionately less important as ancestors, because of course they generally have proportionately far fewer descendants than those who came here two generations earlier.

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