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                          Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie-Anne Savoie

We have the marriage records back to Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie-Anne Savoie, so there is no problem back to their generation. The connection to the preceding generation can be proved through the dispensation for the second degree of consanguinity granted when Jean-Baptiste and Marie-Anne's daughter Marie-Rose-Émilie married her first cousin Jean-Baptiste Soucy, Mar. 19, 1827, at St-Basile. Jean-Baptiste Soucy was a son of Joseph Soucy and Marie-Luce Thibodeau, who were married at Kamouraska on Aug. 24, 1778, and their marriage record shows that Marie-Luce was a daughter of Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie-Françoise Babin. Marie-Anne Savoie's husband must thus have been a son of this last-named couple. In support of the next link in the line, we have the dispensation for the second to the third degree of affinity granted when Marie-Théotiste Tardif married Éloi Thibodeau, Jan. 13, 1818, at St-Basile. Éloi was another child of Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie-Anne Savoie. Marie-Théotiste Tardif had first married Charles Violet, who was a son of François Violet and Marie-Luce Thibodeau. François and this Marie-Luce (who happens to have been the aunt of the other who became Mme. Soucy) were married by Father Bailly at Ékoupahag on May 6, 1770, and that marriage record makes the connection to Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie LeBlanc. For the affinity to have been in the second to the third degree one has to understand that the husband of Marie-Françoise Babin was a son of this last-named couple. The rest of the Thibodeau line is in the DGFA.

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